About Us

Fashion, Style, and Unlimited options

Fashion Styles Unlimited (FNSU) came to life mid 2019, with a vision to help women find basics that are interchangeable for work and play. The basics to live life.

Here at FNSU we strive for open communication, transparency with our customer, and ultimately customer satisfaction. Honesty and love goes in to every item, every decision we make. 

With FNSU, there is no "regular" size, we are all INCLUSIVE. Every body type is different and every woman can always see themselves in certain clothing but without the visual it can make it hard on the decision process. So we strive to provide that visual by showcasing  different body types, so everyone can relate.

So when that busy mom, working woman, or busy working mom wakes up in the morning with a list of things to accomplish, she knows she can look into that closet and grab a top and a bottom, throw them on and either dress them up or dress them down and feel comfortable, look amazing, all while doing it affordably.


- Happy Shopping!